UNN website got hacked by French hacker
Just few minutes past midnight, The almighty University of Nigeria Nsukka website which ranks number one in Africa's University webometric ranking got hacked by Nasty. According to the hacker, he claims the site had no existing security on ground already before he decided to use it as a playing ground. The French hacker also set a very nice jam on...
The most religious Russian celebrities of all time
Looking for popular Russian celebrities, religious Russian celebrities, male and female russian celebrities? then get in here. Let us give you undiscovered stories of the most religious Russian celebrities of all time for whom faith is not an empty sound. Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) The reason why we included him in The most religious Russian celebrities of all time is because A year...
top 50 most popular women in the world in 2020
Top 50 most popular female celebrities in the world in 2021 Remembering one of the most popular songs' Who runs the world? girls! We can learn from Beyoncé that women are not as fragile and weak as most people believe. On the contrary, in every aspect of life, they set the pace for reality and influence. The world's 50 most...
South Africa Xenophobic attacks
Riots reportedly started on Sunday, September 1, when a building in the central business district of Johannesburg caught fire and collapsed, killing at least three people. On Monday, September 2, the violence spread to the nearby Jeppestown area before it reached other areas of the city, such as Denver, Malvern and Tembisa. According to police, more than 40 people were arrested on the fact of looting.
Neco result
NECO statistics indicate that the total number of registered candidates for 2019 NECO examinations were 1,151,016, and it included 146 blind students. Still speaking on the 2019 NECO results, he said that the candidates that got at least five credits English and Mathematics inclusive were about 829, 787, which is 71.59 percent while that of 2018 was 0.11 percent.