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Want to know the meaning of entanglement relationship? .. then read here.

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Christian Staff answered 2 years ago

Entanglement in a relationship is the kinda deep shit Jada pinkett smith got herself into while being married to Will Smith. Entanglement is a very confusing sexual relationship with someone you are not married to. It is a very polite way of saying you are cheating. Entanglement usually causes pain to one partner.
Now you can ask people:

  1. Can we be entangled?
  2. Please entangle me
  3. Let’s just be in an entanglement

Negatives of Being in an Entanglement
1) One or both are emotionally immature. This often is accompanied by some destructive behaviors in one’s individual life.
2) The romance repeats dysfunctional patterns such as:
(a) communication breakdowns
(b) over-emphasis on sex (over time)
(c) angry outbursts followed by distancing
(d) emotionally shutting down
(e) one or both tend to feel victimized by the other
(f) withholding the truth
(g) an obsessive need to stay connected motivated by a fear of abandonment
(h) one of both are not able to set boundaries
3) Withholding parts of you for fear of driving the other person away
4) Predominant sense of unsafety
5) A lot of conflict and power struggles
6) Feeling not seen or understood a lot
7) More negative feelings than positive about the relationship