How to get to Lekki Ieisure lake

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Christian Staff answered 2 years ago

I will show you full details of a way to get to Lekki Ieisure lake. To induce you to Lekki leisure lake is incredibly easy. What you need to do is to require a yellow bus(Danfo)from Jazz 38 bus stop Bus stop or question the folks passing around, tell Them you’re planning to Ajah Bus stop. Get down at Conservation Bus stop.

Cost: N200 – 250

If you are leaving…follow these instructions:

Take a yellow bus (Danfo) from Conservation Bus stop, tell the driver you are going to Cms central park, Get down at Lekki phase 1 Bus stop.

Cost: 100 – 150

Trek To Lekki Phase 1 Gate (Bus Park)

Take a yellow bus(Danfo) from Lekki Phase 1 Gate (Bus Park), tell the driver you’re going to Durosinmi Etti , Get down at Fola Osibo.

Cost: N50 – 100

Total Money Spent: N250 – 400

Trek to your final destinaton.

Time spent 1 hrs 1 Mins , The time spent for the Journey may be more due to the Traffic.