Does Tacha have body odour?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsDoes Tacha have body odour?
Xtiano asked 3 years ago

a lot of rumor has been circulating about Big brother naija’s housemate,  Tacha having body odour.
Is this real?
Please drop your opinion on this.

Philip replied 3 years ago


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Christian Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes, we can conclude that Tacha has body odour. Here are my reasons:
Khafi had admitted that Tacha has body odour but it might not be as bad as people are painting it to be.
Venita said it’s news to her. That she didn’t have any experience of Tacha having body Odour, though she heard Mike telling Khafi to tell Tacha to take care of her body odour.
Omashola and Ike who were also present confirmed that they ‘caught it’ (the wind of her body odour).
Recall that KimOprah during her media rounds revealed that Ella told her Tacha has body odour. 
Finally, Tacha confirmed it herself that she had body odour by spraying a whole perfume bottle on her body after a fight with Mercy just before she got disqualified from Big brother naija, pepper dem season. 
this is enough confirmation that we need. 

Abihrt jobell replied 2 years ago

Please you guys should stop saying nonsense about someone,tacha has no odour,