What is Wizkid Machala meaning?

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Baba Jide asked 2 years ago

Nigerian top musician Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun populary known by his stage name Wizkid now has an additional nickname dubbed Machala.
Star boy fans want to know the meaning…please help.

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Christian Staff answered 2 years ago

Why is Wizkid called Machala?
There are several meanings to the nickname “Machala”. While starboy fans claim the name means “the King” and use it as a sort of honorary for the musical artiste, we also know that Wizkid was accused by an upcoming artiste Badboy JP of¬†using and reworking his beat and sound for the track ”’Machala” which Wizkid dropped with Teni.

Machala Greek word Meaning

Please disregard any rumor that says Machala in greek means demon. There would always be rumor peddlers who seek to tarnish the image of celebrities.