Where is Chevron Drive/Estate in Lagos state?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhere is Chevron Drive/Estate in Lagos state?
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Christian Staff answered 2 years ago

Chevron Drive and Estate are located after lekki phase 1 going towards Ajah Lagos. To be specific it is located between Igbo Efon and VGC Lagos.
From Lekki Phase 1 you can take a public transport of N200 to get to chevron.
Chevron is a very rich environment that has residential buildings and estates in it. It’s very perfect if you want to reside in Lagos as the homes are affordable yet classy. There are standard schools and banks in the neighborhood also.
There is also a presence of shopping mall in chevron lekki.

Estates in Chevron Drive

• Northern Foreshore Estate
• North Pointe Estate
• Carlton Gate Estate
• Ocean Bay Estate
• Lekky County Homes
• South Pointe Estate
• Light House Estate
• Lekki Gardens

These are the gated & maintained but non-serviced estates such as:

• Ikota Villa Estate
• Chevy View Estate
• Idado area
• Atlantic View Estate
• Oral Estate
• West End Estate

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