Who is Aliko Dangote?

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Bobby asked 3 years ago

I need to know everything about Aliko Dangote.

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maxibo answered 3 years ago

Aliko Dangote Net Worth 2021

Aliko Dangote (GCON) is a popular Nigerian business magnate, entreprenuer, investor, founder and owner of the Dangote Group industries. His company has interests in Nigerian products and other African countries.
Dangote is a Cement tycoon and is still the world’s richest¬†black person with an estimated staggering net worth 2021¬† of $10.9 billion.

Christian Staff answered 3 years ago

Dangote has been married up to four times, and all his marriages which gave him fifteen children ended in divorce. In 1977, the Black African billionaire first got married at 20 years old to Zainab, his first wife. Rumours had it the marriage was arranged by his parents.
Aliko Dangote and Zainab had two beautiful daughters: Mariya and Halima Dangote.