Who is Miss World 2019 Winner?

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Who is the winner of the Miss world beauty pageant event 2019?

Who is the crown winner of Miss World 2019?
Who Won Miss world 2019?

Miss World 2019 winner

What to expect from Miss World 2019

The 40 finalists you’ll see already dominated the “fast-track” events during the last month in the final stage of the pageant.

The top 5 will be challenged to answer a final question by notorious British interviewer Piers Morgan, with Mexico’s current Miss World Vanessa Ponce on hand to transfer the ornate crown to the winner of this year.

Possible Winners of Miss World 2019

Looking forward to seeing onscreen fast-track winners including Miss Nigeria, Miss Jamaica and Miss Canada on Saturday. Miss Mexico hopes to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor, and delegates from Nepal, Guyana, and Trinidad & Tobago will come to show up.

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Miss World 2019 Winner

The Winner of Miss World 2019 is Miss Jamaica – Toni-Ann Singh while Miss World 2019 first runner up is Miss France and second runner up is Miss India.
Congratulations! to the Miss World 2019 Winners and we hope they represent the work very well during their reign.

Miss World 2019 Top 10

  • Miss Guyana Joylyn Conway
  • Miss India Suman Rao
  • Miss Mexico Ashley Alvidrez
  • Miss Moldova Elizaveta Kuznetsova
  • Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha
  • Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas
  • Miss Paraguay Araceli Bobadilla
  • Miss Philippines Michelle Dee
  • Miss Trinidad & Tobago Tya Jane Ramey
  • Miss Venezuela Isabella Rodriguez

Miss World Pageant 2019 Host and Performers

The pageant’s Spanish-language broadcast will be hosted by Mexican singer-actor Fernando Allende, while the British R&B duo Misunderstood (Stephan Benson and Jeffrey Okyere) will play live.