Why does Alisha wainwright from Raising Dion look like Alicia Keys?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy does Alisha wainwright from Raising Dion look like Alicia Keys?
Christian Staff asked 3 years ago

Fans have been asking about Alisha wainwright and Alicia keys.

Why does Alisha wainwright from Raising Dion look like Alicia Keys?

Popular Hollywood actress and Netflix’s Raising Dion star, Alisha wainwright looks a lot like Alicia Keys.

After Netflix released its new series titled Raising Dion on a story of a mother protecting her special child – Dion, who she discovered has superpowers. Alisha Wainwright played the role of the mother, and since the premiere of the series, Netflix viewers worldwide have generated a curiosity about who she really is online. However, in recent times many Netflix viewers have been making inquiries to find out if Alisha wainwright is related to Alicia Keys.

See Alisha Wainright’s biography here.

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It’s wrong it is season 1 episode 4 time 43:39

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oh…..my badddd, Nessa.

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Cherryl answered 3 years ago

Let me answer the question- is Alisha wainwright related to Alicia Keys?
At the moment, it is not yet disclosed why Alisha wainwright looks like Alicia Keys or if Alisha wainwright is related to Alicia Keys but looking at their biographies, They are both African-Americans but with different family backgrounds. This must be a case of doppelganger in Hollywood. One amazing thing that happened in Raising Dion movie is that Alicia Key’s song “No one” was played in the season 1 episode 5.
However, it is a good thing as Alicia Keys’ fans can always see her look-alike on television and Netflix’s Raising Dion is just getting started.

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Christian Staff answered 3 years ago

Viewers have been chanting that Alisha wainwright looks like Alicia keys. Now let’s carefully answer that question.
After Netflix dropped Raising Dion, the new series was about a young widow and her special young son that has superpowers (like X-Men meets Matilda). In that series, Alisha Wainwright played the role Nicole, Dion’s mother whose world always revolves around her son. Nicole’s husband which was played by Michael B. Jordan was killed by the storm man, and Nicole only had Dion left to hold unto. She one day discovered Dion’s superpowers which blew her mind.
The show has gotten very positive feedback from viewers and fans, and they’re all loving Alisha wainwright. Her acting is superb, and she also looking kinda … familiar.
However, while the two ladies look very much alike, they’re definitely not related. BET also disclosed to Alisha Wainwright in an interview that she looks a lot like “a cross between singer Alicia Keys and actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw.” She replied with, “That’s the nicest compliment, thank you!”.
Alisha Wainwright’s biography would help us know her better.

zaniya answered 3 years ago

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